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Message From IEB

Co-Founder, Greg Bryan:

The funny thing is, as inspectors, we tend to downplay the fact that we are ACTUAL BUSINESS OWNERS...

At times we don't consider or even understand what is fully required to run our business at the highest level!

I started my company, Bryan & Bryan Inspections, 25 years ago. It was just me and my truck. I just wanted to be my own boss and be able to support my family...

As my business grew, I hired two additional inspectors and an office person (aka my wife). 

My business continued to grow, and I became overwhelmed. I was in the field working 7 days a week, 15 hours a day. This grueling schedule TOOK A TOLL ON MY HEALTH, and I found myself in a health crisis.

That's when I was forced out the field and became very purposeful on building a sustainable, profitable Inspection Company that would provide me with the life I always dreamed of.

When I did that, Bryan & Bryan Inspections went from a 3-man operation to a Multi-Million Dollar Inspection Company. 

I now have the PRIVILEGE of employing 16+ Inspectors and owning an Inspection Company that produces over +$3,000,000 a year in revenue. I also have the LUXURY of only working 5 hours a week in my business.

A Wealth of Knowledge on building a successful Inspection Company could easily cost you Millions of Dollars and Decades of Time if you tried to obtain it on your OWN...

An IEB Membership offers you access to what we estimate to be over $4,000,000 and 25 years of business know-how and intellectual property. 

It also represents the PRICELESS gifts of TIME, PEACE OF MIND, and HEALTH!

The IEB community was created to save YOU the Time, Trouble, and Expense of stumbling blindly forward and figuring everything out for yourself!
If you truly want your Inspection Company to provide the life you have always imagined, invest in the systems, models, resources, coaching, training, and community offered in an IEB Membership.

IEB's Commitment to Integrity

Integrity and trust are the foundations of IEB. To maintain the exceptional standards within our community, we invite you to apply for membership. Please take a minute to fill out this brief form.

Who is an IEB Membership for?

Does Your Inspection Company Look Like This?

  • No Free Time
  • No Vacation
  • No Growth Strategy
  • No Exit Strategy/Retirement Plan
  • Low Profitability
  • More Inspections = More Problems
  • Personally Handling Complaints
  • Personally Handling Phone Calls
  • Wearing Too Many Hats
  • Constantly Hitting Ceilings of Growth

Imagine Getting Your Life Back When Your Organization Looks Like This!

  • More Time Freedom Than Ever
  • Vacations When You Desire
  • Higher Profit Margins
  • Sales/Growth Team
  • Highly Trained Call Center
  • Multiple Highly Trained, Talented Inspectors
  • Highly Profitable Ancillary Services
  • Constantly Growing
  • Solid Exit Strategy

If you want to stop wearing so many hats in your inspection company and get your time freedom back, IEB Membership is for you.

Within the industry today, you can create any size/type inspection company you desire! What would it look like if you had the time and resources to live the life you have always imagined?

IEB Membership provides you with the systems, models, and community to build the successful business that you want!

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See How Industry-Leading Inspection Company Owners' Lives and Businesses Have Changed Since Joining IEB Membership

"I came to IEB learn business aspects of the home inspection industry. I'm very focused on my business, so I want to know how I can improve the numbers, how I can hire better people. IEB really has all of that information. As I've been diving into it, I'm really happy with the things that I'm learning. I can't wait to go back and implement those things, so I can see the results.
If you are thinking about IEB, and you have heard about it and what goes on here, I definitely encourage you to come and check it out.
These are conversations, tools and things, that we're learning in mindset, that are really going to take away a lot of the headaches of your doing it on your own and then learning it, and making a mistake.
So IEB provides you with the mindset, the strategies, and tools, so you can systematically hire and run your business in a way that is minimizing mistakes and also excelling in your business, so that you can progress and grow your business."

Sheehan D. Thomson, On Site Home Inspections, Blipp Reviews 

"Since I've joined IEB and got assisted in making some important decisions in my life, I was able to recruit and hire a high quality operations person for my company to help with the scheduling and part of the marketing.
I was able to get my lead inspector up to the level of being a lead inspector, and I was able to start recruiting another inspector.
All of this is giving me a little bit of time to work more on the business."

James D'Angelo, HomeTech Home Inspections

"Well, most home inspectors, I think, have a technician mindset and IEB helps you move past that where you can actually really grow your business, not just work in it all the time. IEB is the ticket to make that happen. The systems that they provide will help take it to the next level."

John Mark Battaglia, At Ease Home Inspections

"I want to say big thanks to the IEB Team. Not to get too personal, but I had a major unexpected health emergency (triple bypass) three and a half weeks ago. I was immediately completely out of commission. Everything I got from IEB's Mastermind made me able to focus on the right "who" to give responsibility to. It made it so I could detach form my business while I focus on healing. The emphasis on mindset has helped me professionally, in an immense way, during this difficult time. Everyone in IEB has also been super helpful on helping me to focus on priorities only. Thank you!!!"

-Morgan Cohen, MKC Associates Home Inspections

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IEB's Membership offers you the resources and community to support you on your path to profit, growth, and time freedom. Membership includes: 

  • Individual Membership Portal that allows you to download valuable materials and learn at your own pace.
  • FREE Member Masterminds that bring together other growth-minded Inspection Company Owners.
  • Access to RSTMM, the course  that teaches you to successfully RECRUIT, HIRE, TRAIN, RETAIN, and MOTIVATE top talent and build your high performance team.
  • Live Coaching Calls with our high-level IEB Inspection Business Coaches. 
  • FB Live Sessions to learn the methods and mindset that other home inspection companies are already using to streamline and standardize their businesses.
  • Private FB Group where Inspection Company Owners can openly share and exchange ideas, strategies, and resources.
  • Proprietary Systems & Models to help you develop your team and streamline your practices.
  • Open Access, a weekly call open to all membership levels, when members can discuss any topic with each other and IEB coaches.
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