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RGT - Live Stream
November 19th and 20th, 2020

RGT - Poolesville, MD -

RGT - Dallas, TX -

RGT - Houston, TX -

RGT - San Diego, CA -

RGT - Atlanta, GA -

Take 90 seconds to discover why inspection company owners are coming to IEB events and the extraordinary value they are receiving! 


See what others are saying about IEB Events!

"I wanted to learn how to grow my Inspection Company in a responsible manner and do it quickly. I wanted to be able to help as many people as I can. Some of the things I've learned was getting out of my comfort zone and changing my mindset on how to run a business and the view the industry in general."

-Will Misegades, Red Fish Home Inspections

"IEB events have given us the confidence to expand our business. No longer are we playing the guessing game. Now we have mindset and clarity for predictable growth."

-Dwayne Boggs, Boggs Inspection Service


"I'm really excited to walk away with the tools to help our vision for our inspection company. We've been in business since 2004 and have 11 inspectors. We need to get our passions back in line for our inspection company to grow."

-Phillipe and Tonja Heller, The Real Estate Inspection Co..

RGT Event

IEB's core business system designed for Faster Growth, Higher Profits, and More Time Freedom for Inspection Companies and Inspection Company Owners
  • Structure your Inspection Company for Faster Growth
  • Prospect and Market your Inspection Company at a much lower cost, getting Much Bigger Results
  • Find, Attract, and Hire Talented People for your Inspection Company 
  • Drive Profitability Higher than ever before  
  • Get the Blueprint on How to Build an Inspection Company that can Operate Without You 
  • And much more...

Member Masterminds

IEB membership includes FREE ADMISSION to quarterly masterminds with our community, training and enjoying fellowship together. 

IEB Member Masterminds are focused on exchanging ideas and experiences to foster personal and professional growth:
  • High level Business Coaching to activate the Business Owner in you
  • Topical sessions reflecting what's important in the Inspection Industry
  • Relevant, engaging Guest Speakers on a variety of topics
  • Showcase of the latest proprietary IEB models and systems
  • Specialized sessions dedicated to seasonally cyclic material
  • Open group discussion that promotes accountability and problem solving with trustworthy, experienced peers and coaches of integrity
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Recruit. Select. Train. Motivate. Manage.

IEB's 3-part training series offered exclusively to current IEB Members
RSTMM is a proven method to systematically identify people who are the best fit for your company and to help you avoid the pitfalls of traditional hiring. Offered to Inspection Company Owners exclusively through IEB membership, RTSMM helps you build your Dream Team by teaching you how to:
  • Attract Top Talent
  • Select candidates using a proven system, not a gut feeling
  • Make the RIGHT hires for the RIGHT roles within your inspection company
  • Systematically and train your new hires to succeed at the highest level
  • Train your new hires to be self-managing within 60 days
  • RETAIN YOUR DREAM TEAM through effective management and motivation
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