Learn How To Hire & Train Top Talent In Your Inspection Company Without Over Paying!


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Recruit. Select. Train. Manage. Motivate.
RSTMM is the proven turn-key system that builds productive teams boosting growth and profitability. This same system drove the growth of many highly successful companies such as Keller Williams Realty International. 
Now is your opportunity exclusively through IEB for the Inspection Industry to learn and implement the RSTMM system.  
Upcoming Dates

Want to learn how to bring TOP TALENT into your Inspection Company?

RSTMM is a proven method to systematically identify people who are the best fit for your company and to help you avoid the pitfalls of traditional hiring. Offered to Inspection Company Owners exclusively through IEB membership, RSTMM helps you build your Dream Team by teaching you how to:

  • Always be Recruiting
  • Attract Top Talent
  • Select candidates using a proven system, not a gut feeling
  • Make the RIGHT hires for the RIGHT roles within your inspection company
  • Systematically and effectively train your new hires to succeed at the highest level
  • Train your new hires to be self-managing within 60 days
  • RETAIN YOUR DREAM TEAM through effective management and motivation

  • Ensure that your hires remain driven and successful members of your HIGH PERFORMANCE TEAM

Hiring the WRONG people is highly DESTRUCTIVE and COSTLY to your Inspection Company!

Upcoming Dates for RSTMM Training 

Must attend all in this order

Recruit Select:  February 16 - 17, 2023 in Atlanta, GA
Action Training: March 30 - 31, 2023 in Atlanta, GA or Online (TBD)
Managing, Motivating, & Marketing:  April 13 - 14, 2023 in Atlanta, GA
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Richard Leonard & Erin Guyton, Fox Mountain Properties:

"We have a lot of experience in business between us, with 30 years each. We've seen a lot of things and this was really a game changer. It took it up a notch. We recommend it to anybody!"


With RSTMM, you WILL get the return on investment that you had hoped for in each hire.

RSTMM Details

Venue: Buford, GA

The exact address will be given once you've registered


Hotel: Fairfield in Buford, GA 

A discount code will be given after you've registered


Airport: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport


Schedule: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm each day. 

Lunch will be provided both days and dinner reservations will be available for those that want to join the group

The companies with the best teams will win at the highest level!



See what other Inspection Company Owners are saying about RSTMM:

“The team-building training helped me hire talented employees to lift the lid on our growth potential. Every month this year, we've broken our record for number of inspections!”

- Roy Wier, Vigilant Home Inspection

"When I came to the first course in the series, I was enlightened by the fact that hiring is a process. If you just meet someone and say, 'I like this guy', it might be very painful and costly. Whereas, when you take them through the RSTMM process, you get a better idea of what situations they are good in or you are going to realize that there is something about this person that is not going to work."

- John Watkins, Nashville Home Inspections

"This is a new fangled way of recruiting and selecting competent team members, making sure you not only hire the right person but have a process in place. It's really ground breaking! It's something I've never seen in not only this industry but any other industry I've been in!"

- Jeff Marquardt, Bryan & Bryan Inspections

"I learned that you need to talk to your people and ask them what they want, so you can help them win. If they help you win, you win! We are looking forward to the other events by IEB because they will be extremely beneficial in taking our business to the next level."

- Ron West, RW West Consultants 

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