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Hiring the WRONG people is highly DESTRUCTIVE and COSTLY to your Inspection Company!



Ever wonder how much that bad hire cost you? Well, it's not just about the money you paid him/her in salary. Here are just SOME of the ways a bad hire can drain you and your business:

$ The cost of your time and effort finding candidates, interviewing them, and training them.

$ The cost of other trainers' time and effort training.

$ The cost of having to start over when your bad hire "just doesn't work out".

$ The cost and liability of the bad hire who doesn't really know what s/he is doing.

$ The cost of lost clients after your bad hire tarnishes your reputation in the community. 

In IEB, we have found that the average cost of the worst bad hire that inspection companies make is about $250,000. Other bad hires, in addition to the worst one, only compound your lost time, effort, and profits.
For about a very small fraction of that cost, you could invest in the RSTMM system and become trained to recruit, hire, train, manage, AND RETAIN top talent in your inspection company.


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Like most inspection company owners, you probably started off with just you, and maybe a family member helping out...

You grew a little, hired an inspector or two, bought some software, and put some systems in place. Now you must learn how to maintain a high level of quality service as your business grows. 

One of the biggest pain points in scaling your inspection company is hiring the right people, and most inspection companies struggle to find and/or keep quality employees. Well, it doesn't have to be that way anymore.

With training rights exclusive to IEB in the Inspection Industry, RSTMM is a step-by-step system that enables you to successfully RECRUIT, HIRE, TRAIN,  MANAGE, and RETAIN top talent in your inspection company.
RSTMM allowed Greg Bryan, owner of Bryan & Bryan Inspections and founder of IEB, to grow to 16 home inspectors and expand his sales and executive teams. He now works 5 hours a week in his business while his company continues to grow.
Rob & Michelle Hopkin, of Pro-Tec Inspection Services, were able to completely restructure their leadership team, allowing them to grow faster, be more profitable, and GET THEIR TIME FREEDOM BACK.

Take a second to imagine what your business would look like if you could:

  • Recruit high-level talent through a proven system.
  • Recognize a bad candidate and avoid making a bad hire.
  • Hire talent based on a thorough evaluation process and not just on a "gut feeling".
  • Understand your existing team at a deeper level.
  • Hire talent and train them at a standard that ensures they provide service that your clients expect and deserve.
  • Train the people you hire to recruit, hire, and train others for your organization.

That's how you build an Inspection Empire!


The RSTMM series is limited to ONLY 20 SPOTS per course!



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Richard Leonard & Erin Guyton, Fox Mountain Properties:

"We have a lot of experience in business between us, with 30 years each. We've seen a lot of things and this was really a game changer. It took it up a notch. We recommend it to anybody!"


See what other Inspection Company Owners are saying about RSTMM:

“The team-building training helped me hire talented employees to lift the lid on our growth potential. Every month this year, we've broken our record for number of inspections!”

- Roy Wier, Vigilant Home Inspection

"When I came to the first course in the series, I was enlightened by the fact that hiring is a process. If you just meet someone and say, 'I like this guy', it might be very painful and costly. Whereas, when you take them through the RSTMM process, you get a better idea of what situations they are good in or you are going to realize that there is something about this person that is not going to work."

- John Watkins, Nashville Home Inspections

"This is a new fangled way of recruiting and selecting competent team members, making sure you not only hire the right person but have a process in place. It's really ground breaking! It's something I've never seen in not only this industry but any other industry I've been in!"

- Jeff Marquardt, Bryan & Bryan Inspections

"I learned that you need to talk to your people and ask them what they want, so you can help them win. If they help you win, you win! We are looking forward to the other events by IEB because they will be extremely beneficial in taking our business to the next level."

- Ron West, RW West Consultants 


The companies with the best teams will win at the highest level!



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Here is how RSTMM works...


RSTMM is a proven method to systematically identify people who are the best fit for your company and to help you avoid the pitfalls of traditional hiring. Offered to Inspection Company Owners exclusively through IEB membership.

RSTMM is broken up into 3 courses:


Recruit Select

Forget placing HELP WANTED Ads...

Recruit Select or "RS" is the first course you will take in RSTMM, where you will discover the power of recruiting top talent. This course will answer:

How do I identify the right person for my organization?

How do I recruit top talent?

How can I learn the most valuable information about my candidate?

How do I hire top talent without breaking the bank?

How can I dive deep with my candidate during the interview process to find out what  s/he really wants?

How can I learn what my candidate's behavioral and personality traits are?

How do I know if the open position is the right one for my candidate?

What process should I use if I decide to move forward with my candidate?

What process should I use if I decide NOT to move forward with my candidate?

How can I ensure that my talented new hire shows up highly motivated and fully bought-in on Day 1?

Action Training

Action Training or "AT" is the second course in RSTMM, where you will discover how properly on-boarding and training a new hire will allow you to maximize their full potential. This course will answer:

How do I get my new hire up-to-speed as fast as possible?

How do I get my new hire to perform to the same standard and use practices that I would?

What is the best way to integrate my new hire into my team?

How do I train my hire that best works for them?

Who is the best person in my organization to train my new hire?

Managing, Motivating, & Marketing

Managing, Motivating, & Marketing or "M3" is the third and final course of RSTMM. The focus of this course is how to motivate your team to show up each day and perform at the highest level possible. Also, you will learn how to make your inspection company a more desirable organization to work for and to do business with! Answered in this course:

How do I motivate my team to show up big every day?

How do I motivate individual team members, based on their unique personality and behaviors?

What are some good ways to reward my team for winning?

How do I know my team is winning?

How do I create a culture that people want to be a part of?

How do I create a company people want to do business with?

Now is your opportunity, exclusively for the Inspection Industry through IEB, to learn and implement the RSTMM system.


With RSTMM, you WILL get the return on investment that you had hoped for in each hire.


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