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The Inspection Industry's Step By Step Training On Building A Successful Inspection Company From Scratch

 A wealth of knowledge on building an amazing inspection company FROM the START is only a click away...


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This is where you lay the foundational ground work to launch an amazing inspection company... IEB Launch is a 6 month training course designed to set up your inspection company for rapid growth!

IEB Launch Package




Over 60 Training Sessions

+ Over 30 Growth Resources

+ Comprehensive Launch Training Manual
(Content all at once)

+ Bonus Content

+ IEB Unite Mastermind Recording

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IEB Launch Package (6 Month Plan)




Over 60 Training Sessions

+ Over 30 Growth Resources

+ Comprehensive Launch Training Manual (Content provided on a monthly basis)

+ Bonus Content

+ IEB Unite Mastermind Recording

+ FREE T-Shirt While Supplies Last

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Who is the IEB Launch Training for?


Becoming a certified Home Inspector is your first step, but will you be someone who owns their inspection company OR will you end up just working for someones else's  inspection company?

So many home inspector start their business in search of a way to provide for themselves and/or their families while becoming their own boss! As you start to grow your business you will soon find that in order to grow you time freedom will become scarce.
Also in the process in building your business if you have not implemented the proper systems and processes you will find your profitability diminishing and eventually reach a ceiling of growth. Not to mention on top of that being overwhelmed for wearing to many hats in your business.

The IEB Launch Level Training introduces you to the powerful conversation of becoming a business owner in the inspection industry. This is a hands on, comprehensive training that is designed to ascend you into a level where you can truly call yourself a BUSINESS OWNER.

With the completion of this training you will be ahead of 95% of the entire industry!



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What Comes With This Fully Automated Digital Training!


IEB's Launch Level Training contains the resources to support you on your path to profit, growth, and time freedom.

In this training you will specifically learn: 

  • How to set up and structure your inspection company for sustainability and unlimited growth
  • A proven system on getting into to business with top producing real estate agents
  • How to effectively retain realtors and clients
  • All you need to know about setting up your VOIP (Phone Systems)
  • Everything you need to know to know about phone scripting to increase your bottom line. (BONUS Roleplaying Examples Included!)
  • All you need to know about scheduling software
  • In-depth Budgeting  and Bookkeeping Training specific to running an inspection company
  • Professional Report Writing Tips
  • How to purposefully utilize your data
  • Who should be your first hire in your inspection company
  • How to hire a operation person
  • How to hire your first inspector
  • How make confident financial projection base on a sound model 
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • High Level Leadership Development Training
  • How to come up and create your Mission, Vision, Values, and Culture within your Inspection Company
  • High Level Personal Development Training


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A Wealth of Knowledge on building a successful Inspection Company could easily cost you Millions of Dollars and Decades of Time if you tried to obtain it on your OWN...

The IEB Launch Training is a Road Map on building a successful Inspection Company!


See How Industry-Leading Inspection Company Owners' Lives and Businesses Have Changed Since Learning From IEB!

"I came to IEB learn business aspects of the home inspection industry. I'm very focused on my business, so I want to know how I can improve the numbers, how I can hire better people. IEB really has all of that information. As I've been diving into it, I'm really happy with the things that I'm learning. I can't wait to go back and implement those things, so I can see the results.
If you are thinking about IEB, and you have heard about it and what goes on here, I definitely encourage you to come and check it out.
These are conversations, tools and things, that we're learning in mindset, that are really going to take away a lot of the headaches of your doing it on your own and then learning it, and making a mistake.
So IEB provides you with the mindset, the strategies, and tools, so you can systematically hire and run your business in a way that is minimizing mistakes and also excelling in your business, so that you can progress and grow your business."

Sheehan D. Thomson, On Site Home Inspections, Blipp Reviews 

"Since I've joined IEB and got assisted in making some important decisions in my life, I was able to recruit and hire a high quality operations person for my company to help with the scheduling and part of the marketing.
I was able to get my lead inspector up to the level of being a lead inspector, and I was able to start recruiting another inspector.
All of this is giving me a little bit of time to work more on the business."

James D'Angelo, HomeTech Home Inspections


"Well, most home inspectors, I think, have a technician mindset and IEB helps you move past that where you can actually really grow your business, not just work in it all the time. IEB is the ticket to make that happen. The systems that they provide will help take it to the next level."

John Mark Battaglia, At Ease Home Inspections

"I want to say big thanks to the IEB Team. Not to get too personal, but I had a major unexpected health emergency (triple bypass) three and a half weeks ago. I was immediately completely out of commission. Everything I got from IEB's Mastermind made me able to focus on the right "who" to give responsibility to. It made it so I could detach form my business while I focus on healing. The emphasis on mindset has helped me professionally, in an immense way, during this difficult time. Everyone in IEB has also been super helpful on helping me to focus on priorities only. Thank you!!!"

-Morgan Cohen, MKC Associates Home Inspections


Gain Access To This Powerful Training That Will Truly Help You Build a Successful Inspection Company!



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Message From IEB

Co-Founder, Greg Bryan:


The funny thing is, as inspectors, we tend to downplay the fact that we are ACTUAL BUSINESS OWNERS...

At times we don't consider or even understand what is fully required to run our business at the highest level!

I started my company, Bryan & Bryan Inspections, 25 years ago. It was just me and my truck. I just wanted to be my own boss and be able to support my family...

As my business grew, I hired two additional inspectors and an office person (aka my wife). 

My business continued to grow, and I became overwhelmed. I was in the field working 7 days a week, 15 hours a day. This grueling schedule TOOK A TOLL ON MY HEALTH, and I found myself in a health crisis.

That's when I was forced out the field and became very purposeful on building a sustainable, profitable Inspection Company that would provide me with the life I always dreamed of.

When I did that, Bryan & Bryan Inspections went from a 3-man operation to a Multi-Million Dollar Inspection Company. 

I now have the PRIVILEGE of employing 16+ Inspectors and owning an Inspection Company that produces over +$3,000,000 a year in revenue. I also have the LUXURY of only working 5 hours a week in my business.


Basically, this training is EXACTLY what I WISH I would have known when I started MY INSPECTION COMPANY!


If you truly want your Inspection Company to provide the life you have always imagined, invest in the systems, models, resources, and training that the Launch Training has to offer!

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