IEB Rapid Growth Training, Atlanta

August 15 - 17, 2019 in Atlanta, GA

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Welcome to the 3-Day Live Training for Inspection Company Owners That Will Cause You to Look at Your Inspection Company in a Totally Different Way!

Since October, 2017, we have trained hundreds of Inspection Companies across North America on the proven systems and models for rapid growth, and these companies are winning like never before! 

Reignite your excitement for your company through this revolutionary business training for Inspection Companies, and learn how to:

Structure your Inspection Company for faster growth in a quickly changing industry. Learn what will propel you ahead of the competition. 
Market your Inspection Company at a MUCH LOWER COST, and get bigger results! Learn to close with agents and raise your retention rate!  
Find, attract, and hire talented people to take your Inspection Company to the next level. Think you have to pay top dollar for top talent? WRONG. Learn to make and keep GREAT HIRES.
Drive profit margins higher than ever before. Stuck at the same revenue level for the past few years? Break through that ceiling and learn how to KEEP more of the money coming into your Inspection Company. 
Implement your vision throughout your company. If you don't have an endgame in mind, your organization cannot follow. Learn how to create and execute a vision for you and your Inspection Company!
Build a company that can operate without you. You did not start your Inspection Company to be constantly overworked. Create a company that gives you the life you've dreamed of. 

Join the Conversation That is the Tip of the Spear When It Comes to Your Inspection Company!

IEB Rapid Growth Training, Atlanta

August 15-17, 2019

Who will be leading this training?

Greg Bryan

IEB's Lead Inspector Coach

Message From Greg:

"The funny thing is, as inspectors, we tend to downplay the fact that we are ACTUAL BUSINESS OWNERS. At times we don't consider or even understand what is fully required to run our business at the highest level! 
I started my company, Bryan & Bryan Inspections, 25 years ago. It was just me and my truck. I just wanted to be my own boss and be able to support my family...
As my business grew, I hired two additional inspectors and an office person (aka my wife).
My business continued to grow, and I became overwhelmed. I was in the field working 7 days a week, 15 hours a day. This grueling schedule TOOK A TOLL ON MY HEALTH, and I found myself in a health crisis. That's when I was forced out the field and became very purposeful on building a sustainable, profitable Inspection Company that would provide me with the life I always dreamed of.
When I did that, Bryan & Bryan Inspections went from a 3-man operation to a Multi-Million Dollar Inspection Company. 
I now have the PRIVILEGE of employing 16+ Inspectors and owning an Inspection Company that produces over +$3,000,000 a year in revenue. I also have the LUXURY of only working 5 hrs a week in my business.
I now provide other home inspection owners with the systems and processes that got me from where I started, to where I am today."
Greg has been in the Inspection Industry for 24 years and owns and operates one of the fastest growing inspection companies in North America: Bryan & Bryan Inspections in Houston, TX. Greg is highly respected in the Inspection Industry as an innovator, business mind, and growth-driven person of high integrity. His team operates with proven growth systems, business models, technology, and high performance team building, putting them on track to become the largest inspection company in North America. 

Dirk van Reenen

IEB's Lead Business Coach

  • Born and raised in South Africa
  • Launched his business career at age 20
  • Award-winning entrepreneur
  • Internationally sought after business growth consultant and coach
  • Led a top Keller Williams International Brokerage as CEO in 2016
  • Owns and operates BERGflow, a research and development company that empowers entrepreneurs, business owners, and CEO's
Dirk has a passion for training, consulting, and connecting with entrepreneurs and business owners, helping them think differently about their businesses and lives and the impact they are having on those around them. He provides them with the mindset, strategies, systems, and tools to reach their goals.

Rapid Growth Training

Implement Proven Systems and Models in Your Inspection Company That Allow You to Have More Time Freedom, Higher Profitability, and Faster Growth

August 15 - 17, 2019 in Atlanta, GA

Day-by-Day Breakdown

Day 1: August 15, 2019

Business Training with Dirk van Reenen, Lead Business Coach

  • The Importance of a Powerful Mindset and Vision to Drive Growth

  • Foundational Principles for Rapid Business Growth (that you may have heard about, but will see in a new context with new power for your company)

  • Leadership and Organizational Development

  • Hiring and Developing Talent for your Organization

  • The Structure for Maximum Growth, Profit, and Time Freedom

Day 2: August 16, 2019 

Inspector Training with Greg Bryan, Lead Inspector Coach

  • Inspection Company Operational Development

  • Growth Accelerators for your Inspection Business

  • Inspection Servicing Systems and Processes 

  • Training and Compliance for your Team Members

  • Wealth Building: The Economics Beyond Your Business

Day 3: August 17, 2019

Business Planning Clinic with Dirk van Reenen, Lead Business Coach

  • Knowing the Numbers that Drive your Business

  • Determining the Activities to get you to your Goals

  • Creating a New, Simple Business Plan for Rapid Growth

  • Tying it all together with what's most important to you, why you got into business, and what your Inspection Company  can do for you

You Will Never Look at Your Inspection Company the Same Way Again!

IEB Rapid Growth Training

August 15 - 17, 2019 in Atlanta, GA

See What Other Home Inspection Company Owners Are Saying!


Rapid Growth Training will really expand your horizons. That's what I needed. I felt like I was hitting the ceiling. I had all these pain points. I felt like I was just getting frustrated over every little piece of things in my growth. Rapid Growth Training has really helped me expand my mind and explode that little box that I was in. So if you're in that place you're like me come here expand your thinking and you will not be disappointed.

-Michael Street, Fidelity Home Inspections

"We came to IEB to learn how to grow a business. I can say in the first two days of being here, I've learned more about growing a successful business in the inspection industry than I've learned from 10 other conferences in the past."

- Luis Perez 
Inspection Pros - Los Angeles, CA

"The IEB Team is awesome! They held a great event and really opened my eyes to the vision of our company. The event helped me realize that the vision and mindset is the 1st step to growing our empire giving me, my family, and our team a more fulfilling life. Thanks to Dirk and Greg for putting this together. We're looking forward to the upcoming events and support from your team. Thanks!"

- Chris Lange
1st Rate Inspections - Houston, TX

"The IEB team have put together a training like no other event out there in the industry. Anyone interested in understanding how to take their business to the next level should attend."

- Troy Pappas 
Safe House Property Inspections - Virginia Beach, VA

"We just finished up 2.5 days of a life changing experience. I feel motivated, energized, ambitious, and equipped to organize our business for exponential growth. Thank you to Greg, Dirk, Miriam, Laura, and the IEB team for making this experience a success"

- James Brantley 
Magnolia Home Inspections - Brandon, MS

"The training was informative and helped us to think about our business in a completely way. We are excited again and ready to learn via their step-by-step training on how to build a solid and profitable system to success."

- Debbie Jensen -Grubb 
4U Home Inspection - Columbia, MD

"I had the opportunity to attend a Rapid Growth Training in Houston Thursday - Saturday and experience a complete mindset shift. I realized the only thing stuck in first gear was my mind."

-Jessica Price
WIN Home Inspection - Austin, TX

"The things that I learned have been just breathtaking. The first day was groundbreaking in itself. Basically, it has helped us change our mindset about the potential for growth in our organization."

- Tyrone Haggard
Complete Inspections - Jackson, MS

"From this experience, I learned most of what I thought to be true in the past is just an older way of thinking. I've been in some previous groups and learned a certain skill set, and I was getting to a certain point that my business had plateaued. This conversation teaches you the business things you have to do, that you don't learn being a home inspector."

- Rick Erickson 
Home Pro Home Inspections - Rochester, MN

"I'm excited to have a conversation that has not been had in this industry. It has opened my eyes to a whole new world out there that I was not aware of before. I'm excited to be here and learn how to grow my business, put systems in place, and help other people move up in my organization."

- Toby Kilgore
Accurate Inspections - Gulf Breeze, FL

"Come down and at least hear what they have to say. I was a little skeptical at first about coming, but now I'm sold. It is a great experience." 

- Davin Strand
Bent Nail Inspections - Boise, Idaho

"I came to IEB to learn how to build an empire. We are expanding into other markets and need help on how to do so more efficiently."

-Blake Williams
Super Inspector - Dallas/Forth Worth/Austin, TX

"We came because we wanted to go to the next level. All the information that we received has been absolutely what we needed to take things to the next level."

-Ron West
R.W. Consulting and Inspection Services - Seattle, WA

Don't Miss The Opportunity to Attend This Transformative Event!

IEB Rapid Growth Training

August 15 - 17, 2019 in Atlanta, GA

Oh yeah... We also like to have fun!

Let me guess, you WORK HARD, but you can't find time to PLAY HARD! At IEB, we enjoy a little fellowship and foolishness whenever we get together. Join us for some practical training and some long overdue FUN with new and old friends!

Rapid Growth Training FAQ's...

Rapid Growth Training is hosted at Maximum One Reality, in Buford, GA, outside of Atlanta.

Maximum One Realty, 4305 S Lee St #300, Buford, GA 30518

The Atlanta International Airport (ATL) is the closest major airport to the training site, approximately an hour away from the training site.


IEB has a room block with a room rate of $129 per night (breakfast for 2 included) at the Courtyard (Marriott) Buford / Mall of Georgia.

Training will begin each morning of the event at 8:30am. We will have various breaks during the day, during which we will provide snacks and lunch.

We typically end Thursday and Friday around 5:30pm, but it may go longer or shorter depending on the conversation in the room.  Saturday, we try to end by 12:30pm so that people who have afternoon flights can make it to the airport in a timely fashion.


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