IEB Builder Level Membership
IEB Builder Level Membership

A wealth of knowledge on building a profitable inspection company to empower the lives of you and your people is just a click away...

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Be Freed From The Day-To-Day Grind of Inspecting and Begin to Explore the Role of BUSINESS OWNER in Your Inspection Company.

A Wealth of Knowledge on building a successful Inspection Company could easily cost you Millions of Dollars and Decades of Time if you tried to obtain it on your OWN...

The IEB Builder Membership represents access to what we estimate to be over $4,000,000 and 25 years of business know-how and intellectual property. 

It also represents the PRICELESS gift of TIME, PEACE OF MIND, and HEALTH!

Greg and Dirk started IEB to save YOU the Time, Trouble, and Expense of stumbling blindly forward and figuring everything out for yourself!

If you truly want to run your Inspection Company to provide you with the life you have always imagined, invest in the systems, models, resources, coaching, training, and community offered in the IEB Builder Level Membership.

What would it look like for you if could...

  • Work on your business and you weren't  NEEDED for inspections in the field.
  • Hire Inspectors who do the job the same if NOT better than you. 
  • Gain business using a trackable, inexpensive process.
  • Rely on someone else to manage the operations of your business.
  • Run a profitable inspection company that supports your family and the families of your employees.
  • Only work 5 HRS a week in your business.
  • Go on a real vacation where you don't have to constantly put out fires.
  • Donate to the charities of your choice.
  • Get your FREEDOM back!

See How Industry-Leading Inspection Company Owners' Lives and Businesses Have Changed Since Joining IEB Membership

"I want to have freedom and be a business owner. There are a lot of business owners that have been in my shoes. I see IEB as an opportunity to learn from their mistakes and build something for my family in the future. "

Ben Morehead - Winchester, Virginia


"I came to IEB to learn how to build an empire. We are expanding into other markets and need help on how to do so more efficiently."

-Blake Williams
Super Inspector - Dallas/Forth Worth/Austin, TX

"I've always had people tell me I need to know my big WHY. For the first time in 60 years I have an idea of my big WHY. I have a focus point now so I can move forward and accomplish it!"

-Alan Grubb 
4 U Home Inspection - Ellicott City, Maryland

"We came because we wanted to go to the next level. All the information that we received has been absolutely what we needed to take things to the next level."

-Ron West
R.W. Consulting and Inspection Services - Seattle, WA

"As I've grown, I have faced the same problems as many other companies. I come here to openly ask for solutions to my problems from people who have already done it."

-Scooter Burgess
Burgess Inspections - Richmond, VA

"I signed up for IEB. I really feel like when I'm here, I'm learning about being a business owner and that's my ultimate goal. I want to move beyond an inspector and build an empire that can last for my daughters."

- Jason Dillion
Home Inspection Headquarters - Knoxville, TN

"We needed help with systems. We have a lot of systems that we put in place from other coaching and meetings. Joining IEB will give us more a straight path of where we need to go."

-Ricki and Chris Lange
1st Rate Inspections - Houston, TX

Watch below, the story of growth and prosperity that is taking place in the inspection industry:


Discover the value that comes with the IEB Builder Level Membership.

IEB's Builder Level Membership is for Inspection Companies that are already in business and have an owner-operator to a few inspectors. We offer the resources and community to support Builders on their path to profit, growth, and time freedom. Membership includes: 
  • Individual Membership Portal that allows you to download valuable materials and learn at your own pace.
  • Builder Member Masterminds that bring together other growth-minded Inspection Company Owners.
  • Access to RSTMM, the course  that teaches you to successfully RECRUIT, HIRE, TRAIN, RETAIN, and MOTIVATE top talent and build your high performance team.
  • Live Coaching Calls with our high-level IEB Business Coaches, Dirk van Reenen and Greg Bryan. 
  • FB Live Sessions to learn the methods and mindset that other home inspection companies are already using to streamline and standardize their businesses.
  • Private FB Group where Inspection Company Owners can openly share and exchange ideas.
  • Proprietary Systems & Models to help you develop your team and streamline your practices.
  • Open Access, a weekly call open to all membership levels, when members can discuss any topic with each other and IEB coaches.
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Individual Membership Portal

We're not just all talk! Aside from our Calls, Webinars, and Facebook access, IEB members each have an Individual Membership Portal.

Using the Portal, each member may work on lessons at their own pace and view and/or download resources for implementation in their own Inspection Company.

Each section will cover a different aspect of building a successful inspection company and living an incredible life!

Here are a FEW Resources YOU will have access inside the Membership Portal:

  • Inspector Cost Calculator
  • Weekly Training Progress Reports
  • Onboarding Checklist
  • Inspector Training Reports
  • Inspector Compensation Election Letter
  • Disciplinary Action Form
  • New Inspector Evaluation and Action Plan
  • Inspector Job Profile
  • Inspection Empire Organizational Chart
  • Bryan & Bryan's Organizational Chart
  • Leadership Responsibility Chart
  • Seasonal Business Planning Model (SBPM)
  • Injury Protocol Flow
  • Injury Protocol Reporting
  • Injury Report
  • Phone Scripts
  • Business Planning Forms
  • Sales Team Development Resources
  • The 5x5 Smart Power Prospecting System
  • Mission, Values, Vision, & Culture Development

Each Resource has a Corresponding Video Training Session, so you can fully understand the resource and how best to apply it to your Inspection Company.

The resources provided in the Membership Portal ALONE are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and decades of development!

Access Builder Level Learning Portal

IEB's Builder Level Facebook Group

Can you keep a secret? Joining IEB means access to our Secret FB group where Builders can pose questions or bring up an idea and get an honest, rapid response from our membership and coaches. At IEB, we have an abundance mentality, and our membership is genuinely happy to help.

Become a Builder Level Member and Interact with other High Level Inspection Company Owners!

Member Masterminds

IEB quarterly Member Masterminds are an opportunity for our membership to get together for practical business training, fellowship, and for the opportunity to openly exchange ideas and problem solve with knowledgable, experienced peers and coaches. Builders have a day devoted exclusively to their members, and then share a day with members from across IEB, covering  a wide variety of topics.

Check out this video from a recent Member Mastermind!


Become a Builder Level Member and attend the next Mastermind for FREE!

Want to discover the power of bringing TOP TALENT into your Inspection Company?

RSTMM is a proven method to systematically identify people who are the best fit for your company and to help you avoid the pitfalls of traditional hiring. Offered to Inspection Company Owners exclusively through IEB membership, RTSMM helps you build your Dream Team by teaching you how to:

  • Always be Recruiting
  • Attract Top Talent
  • Select candidates using a proven system, not a gut feeling
  • Make the RIGHT hires for the RIGHT roles within your inspection company
  • Systematically and effectively train your new hires to succeed at the highest level
  • Train your new hires to be self-managing within 60 days
  • RETAIN YOUR DREAM TEAM through effective management and motivation

  • Ensure that your hires remain driven and successful members of your HIGH PERFORMANCE TEAM

Become a Builder Level Member and discover how to hire, train, & motivate TOP talent in your organization! 

IEB Builder Level

Live Coaching Calls

Each month, our Live Coaching Call offers timely, topical business guidance from our coaches and an open discussion during and after the session. Joining this call and other IEB events will focus you on your business and prevent you from sinking back into the day-to-day grind of the industry. This kind of participation affords you an Incredible Value: Consistent Accountability for you and your Inspection Company. 

Join top companies in the business for high-level coaching calls by becoming a Builder Level Member!

Get FREE Custom Builder Level T-Shirt When You Become A Member Today!

P.S. - Here is your opportunity to discover what you don't know about owning an inspection company that can give you HIGH PROFITABILITY, MORE TIME FREEDOM, and the ABILITY TO DO WHAT YOU WANT IN LIFE. A lot of time, effort, and education through failure have been put into the value of this membership. 

If you want to be part of something that will take your BUSINESS, YOUR LIFE, and EVERYONE IN YOUR WORLD to the next level, become a Builder Level Member TODAY! 

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