How Did Greg Bryan Go From Being an Overwhelmed and Overworked Home Inspector to Owning One of the Largest and Fastest Growing Inspection Companies in the Industry?


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Greg's been a home inspector for many years; he launched Bryan & Bryan Inspections 24 years ago. When he began his journey, he simply wanted more time freedom and the money to enjoy his time freedom. What happened next came very unexpectedly.
He got busier and busier, and after 10 years, he hired his first inspector. When Greg's business continued to grow, he hired another inspector and an office person. Just months after that, his business overwhelmed him again. Greg found himself working 7 days a week, 15 hours a day and did not know how to escape it. After several years of working in this high-demand, high-stress mode, Greg's health began to fail.  

He had built a company that was literally killing him...

Greg's life abruptly changed after a health crisis, and for several months was unable to work. Forced to step away from his business, he brought someone in to run it for him, and guess what? Business boomed! Within 4 years, Greg went from working tirelessly in the field with 2 other inspectors, to having 40+ inspectors and producing over $7,000,000 a year in revenue for just Residential Inspections. 
In January, 2017, he hired international business consultant and coach, Dirk van Reenen, to help him prepare his company for explosive growth. Within 18 months, Greg and his team implemented and began using proven systems and models designed to give him FASTER GROWTH, HIGHER PROFITABILITY, AND MORE TIME FREEDOM.
Today Greg's company is hitting record-breaking growth and is poised for expansion into multiple markets. Now, Greg works 5 hours a week in his business and enjoys more time with his family than ever before. His new mission, through IEB, is to help home inspection company owners across North America, so they don't have to sacrifice their health, relationships, and time freedom like he did.
These systems and models are now being made available to other inspection company owners through IEB. Using a systematized business approach, Greg and his Team have developed a pathway of real opportunity to build a better business and live a better life. 

Interested In How Greg Was Able To Hire 40+ Talented Inspectors And Remain Extremely Profitable?

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