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In a shifting market, no matter what the cause of the shift, certain fundamental dynamics still apply! 

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Phillipe & Tonja Heller 

The Real Estate Inspection Company (20+ Inspectors)

San Diego, CA 

IEB has been a lifeline for our company over the last 3 weeks. With things changing so rapidly we've leaned into IEB and it's helped us navigate the conversations with our team and the ability to make good solid business decisions for our company.

We've begun taking market share and even though this time has been challenging, we feel confident in how to navigate this downturn and how we are preparing our company to flourish in the future. 

IEB is having conversations and offering training that is nowhere else to be found in this industry. Thank you IEB for being so proactive and helping all of us by showing so much care and commitment to all the IEB members! 

Rob & Michelle Hopkin 

ProTec Inspections (30 + Inspectors) 

Poolesville, MD

I just wanted to reach out and say thanks for being there for us over the last month.  All that has been going on, we hear on the TV is doom and gloom, death and destruction of the economy.  

I know this will end at some point in the next couple of months and probably even weeks, but when all you hear is negativity it can be hard to get out of bed. 

IEB has been a much-needed ray of sunshine through the clouds of despair.  The positivity of everyone involved in IEB has been inspiring. I am so thankful to be involved.





Rob and Cat Lemoin 

Residential Inspector of America (50+ Inspectors) 

Atlanta, GA 

IEB took immediate action when the news started coming in on the Coronavirus and they have led the entire IEB community through this tough time.  

I could not imagine going through this without the support of IEB and its members.  During the toughest of times, IEB has shown up as a leader in our industry.  

They have helped our company navigate with a very high level of ideas, support, encouragement, and mindset training. 

IEB is keeping me focused on being the leader I need to be to get my company to the other side of this all while gaining market share. Thank you IEB!



We are training and coaching members 3-5 times a week on how to make the right decisions and take the right actions in real time! 

The fasted way forward is to surround yourself with like-minded people. See how it works in IEB. 

Join us on the 3rd Tuesday at 7PM CST for a Free Open Call! 

For several  years IEB has been preparing our member companies for the next shift.

We understand that a shift is THE BEST opportunity to take market share and build a bigger, better business. Do you know how to use this challenging time to build a better business? 

Reuben Saltzman 

Structure Tech Home Inspections (20+ Inspectors) 

St. Louis Park, MN

IEB has been a rock for me over the past three weeks. Everywhere I go, everything I hear, I've already learned about through IEB. Not only that, but it's so great to know that I'm not alone with all of these challenges. 



Blake & Angela Williams 

Super Inspector (23+ Inspectors)

Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, TX 

IEB put its mission statement into action. When Blake and I are attending an event or a conversation through the coaching calls and zoom meetings their passion shines by trying to help us not only be a part of the community but to help us grow personally and effectively so our team can be the success we know we are capable of.



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Join us on the 3rd Tuesday at 7PM CST for the Free ZOOM Training Call!