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Becoming an Empire Builder is so much more than building a business. It's about building a business that gives you the best that life has to offer. More time with your loved ones, more money and freedom to do things you've always wanted to do, experiencing adventures that others only dream about, better health and more vitality, helping and blessing other people with abundance, and living a life of joy and purpose.

It's about you becoming the very best version of you. 

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What is IEB?

IEB stands for Inspector Empire Builder. It's the tip of the spear of innovation, growth systems, technology, leadership development, high performance team building, and thinking BIG to build true empires within the North American inspection industry.

IEB is an industry first and the new opportunity for growth, profitability, and quality of life for home inspectors.

We've brought together the very best growth systems, processes, technology, and marketing from the inspection industry and paired it with the very best business systems, leadership development, hiring and training systems, and business coaching. The result is a new standard of growth for the North American inspection industry. 

Who is IEB?

Greg Bryan

Lead Inspection Coach

Greg has been in the Inspection Industry for over 20 years and owns and operates one of the fastest growing inspection companies in North America, Bryan & Bryan Inspections in Houston, TX. Greg is highly respected in the Inspection Industry as a true leader, an innovator, business mind, and growth-driven person of high integrity. Greg and his team operate with proven growth systems, models, technology, and high performance team building that have propelled them to be on course to become the largest inspection company in North America. 

Dirk van Reenen

Lead Business Coach 

Dirk is an award-winning entrepreneur and internationally sought after business growth consultant and coach. Dirk was one of the top Keller Williams International Brokerage CEO's leading an operation of 480 agents selling close to a billion a year in real estate sales and led one of the fastest growing offices worldwide for Keller Williams International in 2016. Today, Dirk owns and operates BERGflow, a research and development company that empowers entrepreneurs, business owners, and CEO's. 


Mark Hummel

IEB Team Leader

Mark brings many years of leadership, management, high level team building, and coaching to the IEB community. Having practiced, studied, and learned about leadership by trial and error in the streets as a first responder initially, Mark obtained more formal leadership and management training later in his career by completing a degree in Public Administration and immediately after, a Master’s in Business Administration. Mark has a deep passion for building business and empowering people by digging in and helping them develop into their ideal self. Most of Mark’s career prior to IEB had been spent in the healthcare field as a paramedic running a large county EMS agency. Eventually turning toward emergency management and contributing to high level emergency operations during disasters in Texas, building teams and developing people within high stress environments became second nature. After taking a turn from public administration and emergency management to private business, Mark set out to find the next great team to work with while still able to help build business and empower people. That team is the IEB family! At this point, Mark is fully focused on helping home inspection company owners succeed at building the life they desire.

Kaylee Buch

Operations Coordinator

Kaylee has a background in management, customer service, business development, coach development, and health coaching. She earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Sioux Falls and a master’s degree from Wichita State University. She’s passionate about supporting and empowering others to successfully achieve their goals while falling in love with the process. With an incredible talent for communicating with people in a way that empowers them, Kaylee’s experience and operations skill set is a huge part of the IEB operations team. Her previous experiences personally and professionally will also play a big part in our mission to train and coach inspection companies to create powerful businesses and obtain time freedom. 


Elizabeth Wills

Operations Assistant

Elizabeth has a background in sales, customer service, marketing, and a bachelor's degree from the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. She is an operations chameleon, handling member relations, database management, and all the other behind-the-scenes details that make IEB run. Her flexible nature and commitment to quality make her a huge asset to the team. Originally from the Rio Grande Valley, Elizabeth moved to Houston for a better future, which she has found with IEB!

Austin Wilhelm

Growth Driver

Austin's career has always revolved around people. He started his own small business while attending the University of Houston to earn his bachelor's degree in Business Administration. He has experience in multiple types of marketing, sales, and client communication. As the IEB Growth Driver, Austin approaches each conversation with professionalism and understanding with a real passion for learning more about others. His ultimate goal is to build up the IEB community and help others find the success they didn't even know was possible.

With Over 200 Member Companies!

The Mission of IEB 

Training and coaching inspection companies through proven systems and models in servicing, operations, and growth to create a powerful business structure that leads to rapid growth, record breaking profitability, and time freedom.

We accomplish this mission through proven systems and models for success, and deliver the value through the most talented inspection and business coaches in the industry. 

What's Been Missing in the Inspection Industry? 

What if someone gave you the gift of a proven growth path with full support for you to build the inspection company you've always dreamed of without limitations? 

That would be pretty amazing right? 

IEB just changed the whole game. We have been working for over 18 months to bring proven systems, models, technology, leadership development, hiring and training systems, and resources together for the next level of growth in the inspection industry. 

For the first time ever, you now have a proven growth path that you can follow step-by-step with full support from professional coaches to help you build your empire!       

Get started now at the level that is right for you! 

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